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Many LPN Schools in the United States now do offer accelerated LPN programs.  6 month LPN Program is one of the most sought-after LPN programs lately.  Please bear in mind if this is something you want to pursue it’s going to be taken all of your hours of the day.  If you have to work and support yourself during the school year it may prove to be very difficult. However, if this is something you feel you definitely want to pursue read everything on this website to find the best-accredited school of your choice.

There are four main things you want to pay attention to when selecting the best LPN school for you.

1- Is the school accredited?
2- How much is the tuition?
3- Does it offer scholarship or financial assistance?
4- Does it offer classes online?

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In this website, we have FREE LPN schools look up. Once you fill out the contact information many schools will send you their school’s programs. Here are the things you want to pay very close attention to.

Is the school accredited?

Accreditation is very important when it comes to LPN. If the school of your choice is not accredited by the state, you can’t take the NCLEX-PN exam at the end of your school’s year. If you don’t take and pass NCLEX-PN, you cannot go to work. All of your learning and efforts and money are going to be wasted. If the school is accredited by any other association but not the state, you may want to make sure the state can approve you to take a NCLEX-PN exam. If you study at a non-accredited school, you will not be able to advance your career to RN or BSN.

There are few main nursing accreditations entities – they are National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Look for at least one or more accreditations when you visit school’s homepage. The Accreditation Commission For Education in Nursing (ACEN). It’s best to ask the school directly and get the answer in writing.

How much is the tuition?

Tuition is very important hence you want to make sure they offer different classes for you to choose from, and at the level which you can afford. Ask if they have any accelerated programs if so what the length of each program is. Remember any type of acceleration LPN programs will require the different level of commitment from you. The shorter the program the harder to complete as you will have an avalanche of homework and tests. If you need to go to work while going to LPN school, it’s best you take a normal four-semester course. That will take around 12 months.

Does it offer scholarship or financial assistance?

Ask for all kinds of scholarships programs from the school, and even if they don’t provide any they may know where you can find one. Schools often know about the financial-aid students may need.

Does it offer classes online?

Today LPN can take classes online and attend hands-on training at a local clinic. This can be very helpful, particularly if you have to earn a living while attempting to obtain LPN license.

Other things you may want to ask …

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Credits from other related works you’ve done.

If you have worked in a hospital or clinic prior to getting LPN classes, you may be entitled to some credits toward your LPN courses. Ask to see if you are qualified. This can save some credits toward graduation.

Do you have to take a test prior to admission?

Some schools may require you to take an entrance exam to be qualified. Make sure you ask about this and decide if the school is right for you or do you care to take such an exam.

Do they have clinical rotations and where do they hold clinical training classes?

Some LPN Schools do provide clinical rotations, and they can be a great experience to have. If yes, you want to know where they are and what involves.
Do they have been other accelerated or bridge programs in addition to LPN?
You want to find out about other programs you can take after graduation as LPN to accelerate your career further.

Location… Location… Location

Where is the school located? Check to see if the school nears you and if whether or not it is in the crime, high area and then make the decision accordingly.

How many people actually have passed NCLEX-PN in the last five years?

This information is crucial as it will tell you if the level of training in this school is good or up to date.

Does the school provide training for NCLEX-PN exam?

If yes, exactly what are the pieces of training provided. You want to be thoroughly trained for this exam.

Once you decide the right school now it’s time to put all of your efforts into learning and becoming one of the best LPN in your field.

Licensed Practical Nurse is an honorable job as they work very closely with the patient and register nurses and physicians in command. You will be required to leave your ego at home and perform your job as you are told. Be at this level it is the purest form of service as you are there to better care for your patients yet you will not have a lot to say in the patient’s overall state of being. You will be under the supervision of register nurses whom may not have time or patience to be always kind and loving. However, you must remain cheerful and steadfast in your care for your patient. If you do this job well there is no holding you back in the nursing career. You may want to devote some time and go after BSN (Bachelor of Nursing) to earn more money and gain more power in the nursing career.

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