LPN Programs in Miami

Florida is one of the few federal states that offer Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) handsome annual salaries and staff benefits. Miami has many private and public healthcare facilities, which are well equipped in terms of staff and equipment. In fact, Miami’s healthcare system is so advanced that it has two world-class medical research facilities. As a result, LPN programs in Miami attract both local and foreign students.

Valencia Medical Research Center does research on Gynecology, Immunology, Pediatrics, among others. Ocean Blue Medical Research Center does prolific medical research on allergies, cardiovascular disease, and mental disorders. Medical research centers rely on LPNs to draw blood samples from volunteers, monitor them during clinical trials, provide clean bedding, and compile reports.

Now that you know why Miami is such a great employer, the first step is enrolling in a good LPN program. Here are five LPN programs that are highly recommended by experienced nurses.

1. Lindsey Hopkins Technical College

How long does this LPN program take? 14 months and two weeks. You’ll spend at least 7 months working in different public hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and home care agencies. Students cover various topics such as acute care, body structure, nutrition, and medical law.

Lindsey Hopkins Technical College requires applicants to have a clean criminal record. You’ll also sit for a TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) and provide a high school transcript.

2. Florida National University

Florida National University is a renowned university thanks to its quality learning facilities. It also prepares hundreds of LPNs and RNs who serve in Miami’s healthcare industry. Moreover, Florida National University (FNU) offers financial assistance to LPN students.

You’ll need to buy your own uniform and shoes upon admission to FNU’s LPN program. Applicants also sit for mandatory TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) which costs $50.

3. Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College

If you’re looking for an LPN program in Miami that offers financial aid to part-time students, Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College have what you need. This program covers Maternal nursing, newborn nursing, medical-surgical nursing, and lots of clinical practice hours. Students take 14 months to graduate.

Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College’s LPN program costs $5,000 dollars. The advantage is that you’ll receive a pair of shoes, books, penlight, stethoscope, and uniform.

4. Florida Career College

Florida Career College LPN program is open to both local and overseas students. In addition to basic LPN training, you’ll study extra course units to enable you to upgrade to an RN (Registered Nurse). In medical facilities, RNs assign tasks and supervise LPNs.
It’s easy to apply for this LPN program because Florida Career College assigns admissions staff to personally answer your questions. Your assigned admissions staff will guide you in filling out admission forms and financial aid request.

5. City College

City College’s IPN program runs for 11 months. It’s also unique because it has a couple of course units on mental health nursing. You’ll also meet and network with renowned Miami-based nurses working in various clinics, general and psychiatric hospitals.

Online LPN Programs Florida

Did you know that an online LPN course is just as credible as typical class attendance? In fact, online learning is best suited for part-time students who have families or run businesses to run. There’s also plenty of online forums and websites that provide free LPN entry exam self-practice questions.

In order to qualify for Florida’s LPN training, you need to be at least 17 years old. You also need a high school diploma and willing to sit for a TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) test. Online LPN programs in Florida take 9-12 months. The more time you avail towards learning, the sooner you complete your LPN training.

Here are five incredible online LPN programs in Florida.

1. City College

City College offers an LPN program that runs for one year. The course consists of theory and practical lessons complete with continuous assessment tests. You’ll spend approximately six months learning theory and be doing several tests. This course strikes a 50-50 balance since practical training also takes six months.

First, you’ll need to submit your names, desired course, zip code, and email address on the City College website. You’ll then receive a phone call from the College that will provide you with more information on tuition fees.

2. Ultimate Medical Academy

Do you prefer accessing the internet through your smartphone to your computer? UMA (Ultimate Medical Academy) has a nursing students’ app called MyUMA. Installing this app ensures that you access your class notes and tutorials at home or while traveling.

UMA’s LPN training consists of live training to enable students to ask questions in real time. The training instructors format notes in PowerPoint presentations to facilitate swift learning.

3. Fortis Institute

Fortis Institute specializes in certificate and diploma nursing programs. It has produced thousands of LPNs and RNs serving in regular and military hospitals. The trainers use Blackboard online course manager to conduct live training. Blackboard mobile app comes in handy whenever you want to study for forthcoming tests.

Fortis Institute online nursing programs are affordable. In case you want to pay your tuition fees in installments, you can freely contact the administration.

4. The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupation

In summary, this online LPN training consists of 600 hours of theory lessons and at least 700 hours of clinical training. This training runs for 51 weeks, which is similar to one whole year. Classes run from Monday to Thursday and Friday is lab day.

The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupation requires all LPN course applicants to have clean criminal records and no history of illegal substance abuse. In addition, you need to attain the minimum score in your TEAS test.

5. Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College offers certificate, diploma, and degrees in Nursing. The online LPN trainers also include English, some humanities, and Math courses. After completing this training, you’ll not only be a competent LPN, but the extra courses improve your analytical and communication skills.

Santa Fe’s online LPN training runs for 11 months.  Read more about 6 month LPN program

LPN Entrance Exam Practice Test


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four hours sharpening it,” Abraham Lincoln. In case you don’t know who that is, take out a five-dollar-bill and stare at the portrait in the middle.

Nursing is a complex course since medicine is largely a science field. A good nurse should be able to distinguish between various types of medication and when they should be administered. This knowledge prevents is necessary for preventing adverse allergic reactions to certain medications.

Rather than waiting until the d-day to go over your class notes in a rush, you can take proactive steps by downloading several LPN entrance exam practice tests. They’re quite affordable and readily provided by former LPN entrance exam candidates.

Let’s look at a few nursing online forums where you can meet students from various academic institutions and exchange lpn entrance exam practice tests.

1. RegisteredNurse RN

Despite its name, RN caters to all types of nursing students. Through this website, you’ll learn about the requirements and job description of an LPN. RegisteredNurseRN also posts new blog posts on a weekly basis covering various issues dealing with nurses.

Here, you’ll come across interactive forums where students discuss how to ace the LPN entrance exam. RN also has several student quizzes categorized into various topics. You won’t need to sign up in order to access the quizzes and video tutorial available on RN.

2. AllStudentNurses

Do you have a Yahoo account? Great! That’s all you need to access this vibrant student nurses’ forum.

AllStudentNurses is available under Yahoo groups. Students meet here to ask questions, share information on LPN training, and exchange entrance exam practice tests. The advantage of seeking LPN entrance exams from online nursing forums is that you can discuss difficult questions with many students.

AllStudentNurses allows members to upload practice questions in DOC or PDF format. This enables you to study for your exam anywhere by simply downloading the documents through your smartphone’s Yahoo app.

3. The Student Nurse Forum

Why is The Student Nurse Forum? It’s helped hundreds of LPN students pass their entry exams since 2002. Just like RegisteredNurseRN, members don’t need to sign up in order to access notes or quizzes. Students can also download a free clinical nursing reference ebook to aid revision.

This online forum is mobile-friendly since it consists of a basic HTML layout with minimum images. You can complete the multiple-choice quizzes on your smartphone or tablet internet browser.

Good websites that offer free LPN entrance exam practice tests

1. Top Nursing

Top Nursing exists to provide all types of nursing students with adequate academic resources relevant to each syllabus. It consists of active and retired nurses who frequently analyze various nursing courses in order to provide useful quizzes and sets of self-practice questions.

2. Entry Level Medical

Entry Level Medical offers free practice LPN exam practice tests without requiring members to sign up. Once you click Start, you activate a sixty-minute timer. Taking timed tests also enhances your ability to think fast. Each set consists of 20 questions.

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LVN Nurse Job Description

We see nurses running around with IV drips and keenly taking notes while doctors give instructions in various movies. So, it’s easy to assume that all nurses do is follow doctors’ orders all day long. However, this is a wrong assumption because there are different types of nurses.

Are you planning to enroll for LVN training? Here’s a detailed look at the normal LVN job description.

1. Monitoring vitals

Large and medium-sized hospitals usually have several wards. Due to the large size and a high number of incoming patients, registered nurses cannot visit each bed. In order to stay updated on each patient’s health condition, LVNs have the responsibility of recording patients’ vitals.

You’ll walk around with a thermometer and sphygmomanometer to record body temperature and blood pressure respectively. You’ll then record this data in a patient’s data then compile it and submit a daily report.

2. Looking after senile patients

You’ll come across LVNs working diligently in registered home care agencies. LVN training equips students with the right knowledge on how to maintain hygienic environments in-home care agencies.

Home care agencies also rely on LVN because some aged patients have chronic illnesses that require constant medical support. For instance, senile patients suffering from Diabetes type 1 need an LVN to administer insulin shots.

If you apply for a job in a home care agency, you’ll sterilize patients’ rooms. Lvns also ensure patients have a supply of clean clothes and sleep in clean bed sheets every day.

3. Taking samples for laboratory tests

If you’ve ever been taken to hospital with a serious illness, you noticed that the doctor directed you to a different room to get either a blood or urine sample. Usually, a lab technician or Registered Nurse does this job. Nowadays, LVNs have the authority to draw samples from a patient under a doctor or Registered Nurse’s authority.
If you don’t mind pricking fingers, you’ll draw blood samples on behalf of your doctor in charge. You’ll also collect urine and stool samples for lab testing. You’ll also label them correctly and store them in the right storage facilities.

4. Taking medication to patients

Bed-ridden patients rely on LVN to feed them and provide medication when necessary. Patients who are recovering from stroke need plenty of time to regain muscle control and coordination. In this situation, you’ll have to spoon feed them and put pills in their mouth.
Asthma patients also need help with their ventilators. You’ll help them sit upright and breathe while inhaling their ventilator.

5. Offering assistance to midwives

Doctors and Registered Nurses are licensed to perform childbirths. Usually, child delivery is a long, noisy, and messy process. An expectant woman who’s experiencing contractions that precede labor pains can suffer from panic attacks. Your job is to calm her down and request the doctor for pain relief medication.
When the actual delivery begins, the doctor in charge will need you to hold their medical equipment. After delivery, you’ll sterilize all medical equipment and the entire delivery room.

6 month LPN Program

Online LVN Programs in California

Why do some people choose to study their Licensed Vocational Nurse training through the internet?

Well, people who are pursuing full-time college degrees in different fields can only find some free time in the evening. In this situation, these students lack sufficient time to physically attend lectures. Some students also prefer online LVN programs because one can become an LPN in just six months.

The advantage of California-based online LVN programs is they are created by doctors and nurses with decades of experience. Despite being absent from lecture rooms, online LVN tutors still provide a holistic learning experience through highly interactive online modules.

Do you live in California and want to become a revered LVN? Pay attention to the requirements highlighted below.

1. You must be at least 17 years old

The California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians requires all nursing students to possess a high level of intelligence and maturity. At 17, most people graduate from high school and also have some real-life experience due to part-time employment. This is why California’s laws allow teens aged 17 to posses learners’ permits in order to drive legally.

2. A high school diploma

In high school, you get to learn a great deal about human physiology in Biology lessons. For instance, the layers of the skin, different types of cells in your body, and classifications of drugs. Since medicine is all about Biology, you need to develop good background knowledge in high school.

You may come across a few online vocational nurse programs that open their doors to applicants who have GEDs. However, you need impressive scores to earn admission.

3. Prerequisite Nursing Exams

While most institutions require students to have a high school diploma, some require applicants who’ve passed their Certified Assistant Nursing (CAN) training. A certified nurse assistant takes patients vitals and records them on behalf of nurses. In addition, they feed patients and provide them with clean bedding.

The CAN course takes 12 weeks consisting of theory and practical lessons. In order to fulfill the course’s requirements, a student must attain over 85 hours of practical clinical training. You need a high school diploma or GED to qualify for the CAN training.

Have you ever heard about the TEAS test? TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills. Nursing schools administer this test to prove if applicants possess sufficient reading, mathematical, and linguistic skills. TEAS tests usually contain 170 multiple choice questions.

4. No history of violent crimes

Medicine is a noble field. In order to maintain high professional, standards, the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians revokes licenses of nurses found guilty of committing violent crimes. This board also instructs nursing training schools to reject applicants who’ve served jail sentences for violent crimes.

Nursing has its highs and lows. Even the most temperate nurse sometimes snap under high pressure. Violent criminals are likely to resort to violence when dealing with rude patients.

5. Sound health

The California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians requires all nursing students to undergo both drugs and HIV testing. Applicants who have mental disorders cannot qualify because their condition can compromise their ability to provide quality medical care to patients.

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LPN Salaries

5 top federal states that pay the highest LVN nurse salary

Licensed vocational nurses play a great role both in the hospitals and at home. Senior citizens suffering from various illnesses associated with old age rely on licensed vocational nurses to administer medication and keep their bedding clean. When accident victims are brought in by ambulances, the LVNs receive patients and quickly direct them to advanced medical treatment.

Basically, you can run a hospital with just a couple of doctors and a team of experienced LVNs. However,  you can’t run a hospital with 20 doctors and just two nurses.

If you’ve just completed your Vocational Nursing Program, you definitely want to work with an ideal employer. Nursing is a demanding and rigorous career so it makes sense to work in a medical facility that pays handsome salaries.

Do you want to serve passionately in the hospital and enjoy financial freedom? Here’s a list of five federal states that pay the best LVN nurse salaries in America

1. California

California attracts hundreds of homebuyers from within the U.S and overseas. It’s also a major tourist destination and popular investment hub. The influx of high capital pushes local health care providers to provide top-notch medical care. California’s home care agencies are some of the best nationally thanks to serene locations, an abundance of highly trained medical staff, and modern home care medical equipment.

If you’re a fresh graduate, your first job will pay an hourly rate ranging between $14-$18. After a couple of years, you can confidently demand an hourly rate as high as $24.

2. New York

New York has one of the largest medical industry nationally. The presence of large public hospitals gives you an advantage of visiting and assess various employers. You’ll also come across several privately owned outpatient clinics and psychiatric hospitals that pay juicy annual salaries.

The starting hourly rate is $17. Experienced LVNs in New York usually pocket an hourly rate ranging from $26-$30. If you sum up frequent bonuses and various allowances, you can earn make at least $55,000 annually.

3. New Jersey

In New Jersey, most employers offer LVNs annual contracts. New LVNs make $23-$25 an hour and the overtime hourly rate is $21. There’s also a $500 dollar bonus awarded to best performers. On average, you can pocket an annual salary of $37,000 in the first two years of your budding career.

4. Illinois

Illinois should be in your list of top 5 potential employers. Why? It’s because new LVNs earn a handsome hourly rate of $24. Illinois also contains several high profile public hospitals and private medical clinics. Just like New York, you have the privilege of comparing various employers’ packages.

Illinois’ best-paid LVNs make $31-$24 per hour.

5. Florida

Florida has an amazing aura and aesthetic feel similar to California. It’s a hot international tourist destination and high-end real estate hub. Most hospitals contain the best equipment and also run medical research facilities.

If you’re lucky to find a good employer, you’ll earn $22 per hour. The lowest-paid LVN earns an hourly rate of $20.