LPN Salaries

5 top federal states that pay the highest LVN nurse salary

Licensed vocational nurses play a great role both in the hospitals and at home. Senior citizens suffering from various illnesses associated with old age rely on licensed vocational nurses to administer medication and keep their bedding clean. When accident victims are brought in by ambulances, the LVNs receive patients and quickly direct them to advanced medical treatment.

Basically, you can run a hospital with just a couple of doctors and a team of experienced LVNs. However,  you can’t run a hospital with 20 doctors and just two nurses.

If you’ve just completed your Vocational Nursing Program, you definitely want to work with an ideal employer. Nursing is a demanding and rigorous career so it makes sense to work in a medical facility that pays handsome salaries.

Do you want to serve passionately in the hospital and enjoy financial freedom? Here’s a list of five federal states that pay the best LVN nurse salaries in America

1. California

California attracts hundreds of homebuyers from within the U.S and overseas. It’s also a major tourist destination and popular investment hub. The influx of high capital pushes local health care providers to provide top-notch medical care. California’s home care agencies are some of the best nationally thanks to serene locations, an abundance of highly trained medical staff, and modern home care medical equipment.

If you’re a fresh graduate, your first job will pay an hourly rate ranging between $14-$18. After a couple of years, you can confidently demand an hourly rate as high as $24.

2. New York

New York has one of the largest medical industry nationally. The presence of large public hospitals gives you an advantage of visiting and assess various employers. You’ll also come across several privately owned outpatient clinics and psychiatric hospitals that pay juicy annual salaries.

The starting hourly rate is $17. Experienced LVNs in New York usually pocket an hourly rate ranging from $26-$30. If you sum up frequent bonuses and various allowances, you can earn make at least $55,000 annually.

3. New Jersey

In New Jersey, most employers offer LVNs annual contracts. New LVNs make $23-$25 an hour and the overtime hourly rate is $21. There’s also a $500 dollar bonus awarded to best performers. On average, you can pocket an annual salary of $37,000 in the first two years of your budding career.

4. Illinois

Illinois should be in your list of top 5 potential employers. Why? It’s because new LVNs earn a handsome hourly rate of $24. Illinois also contains several high profile public hospitals and private medical clinics. Just like New York, you have the privilege of comparing various employers’ packages.

Illinois’ best-paid LVNs make $31-$24 per hour.

5. Florida

Florida has an amazing aura and aesthetic feel similar to California. It’s a hot international tourist destination and high-end real estate hub. Most hospitals contain the best equipment and also run medical research facilities.

If you’re lucky to find a good employer, you’ll earn $22 per hour. The lowest-paid LVN earns an hourly rate of $20.