LPN to RN – An Introduction to This Popular Degree Program


LPN to RN – An Introduction to This Popular Degree Program

LPN to RN programs offer a challenging program. An LPN to RN program is an advanced educational path designed specially for licensed vocational nurses (LPNs) who wish to further their educational advancement and career.The program makes use of your LPN training and experience from the LPN years as a foundation and provides in-depth, accelerated curriculum.With this program, you get the chance to become an RN (Registered Nurse).RN (licensed practical nurses) are healthcare professionals who have obtained a diploma in nursing.They work as direct patients’ caregivers and perform basic duties such as administering medications and helping with bedside care.

LPN to RN – An Introduction to This Popular Degree Program

The LPN to RN program was designed to provide the nurses with the chance to advance their career by acquiring more education and training in nursing as well as specialize in a specific nursing area.Nurses can choose to go through a traditional classroom course or an online LPN to RN program.Those who prefer to take up an LPN to RN program through an online mode must first complete an LPN licensure examination.Those who prefer to do away with the classroom and study on their own can study at their own pace online.

Most LPN to RN programs require that the students are willing to accept a lower salary than what registered nurses earn.In order to be accepted into any of the LPN to RN programs, the aspiring students must fulfill certain requirements.Usually, these requirements require completion of an LPN licensure exam as well as completion of a certified nursing course.Some LPN to RN programs even require that the aspiring students pass a certification exam.One of the advantages of taking up an LPN to RN online program is that it is more convenient than attending a college or medical institution.

Students enrolled in these online programs are given the flexibility to learn at their own pace.Also, there is no need for them to travel to a particular place for classroom sessions.Instead, they can study in their specified schedule online from the comfort of their home.The LPN to RN degree is one of the basic nursing degrees.

As an LPN, you will be able to help patients suffering from various medical conditions and illnesses.You should be able to identify potential medical conditions as well as the remedies available for those conditions.You should also have the ability to carry out various tasks such as administering medication, monitoring a patient’s vital signs, and helping to dress wounds.Your duties may vary according to the type of nursing program that you enroll yourself in.

Some LPN programs require that you have already graduated from an accredited nursing program, while others don’t.The best way to make sure you get the best opportunities is to look online, and use internet marketing to promote your search.Online programs allow a student to study at his or her own pace, which may be advantageous in some situations.Second, you will want to find out what the cost will be.