Online LPN Program Florida

Did you know that an online LPN Program Florida course is just as credible as typical class attendance? In fact, online learning is best suited for part-time students who have families or run businesses to run. There’s also plenty of online forums and websites that provide free LPN entry exam self-practice questions.

In order to qualify for Online LPN Program Florida’s LPN training, you need to be at least 17 years old. You also need a high school diploma and willing to sit for a TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) test.

Online LPN programs in Florida take 9-12 months. The more time you avail of learning, the sooner you complete your LPN training.

Here are five incredible online LPN programs in Florida.

1. City College

City College offers an LPN program that runs for one year. The course consists of theory and practical lessons complete with continuous assessment tests. You’ll spend approximately six months of learning theory and be doing several tests. This course strikes a 50-50 balance since practical training also takes six months.

First, you’ll need to submit your names, desired course, zip code, and email address on the City College website. You’ll then receive a phone call from the College that will provide you with more information on tuition fees.

2. Ultimate Medical Academy

Do you prefer accessing the internet through your smartphone to your computer? UMA (Ultimate Medical Academy) has a nursing students’ app called MyUMA. Installing this app ensures that you access your class notes and tutorials at home or while traveling.

UMA’s LPN training consists of live training to enable students to ask questions in real-time. The training instructors format notes in PowerPoint presentations to facilitate swift learning.

3. Fortis Institute

Fortis Institute specializes in certificate and diploma nursing programs. It has produced thousands of LPNs and RNs serving in regular and military hospitals. The trainers use Blackboard online course manager to conduct live training. Blackboard mobile app comes in handy whenever you want to study for forthcoming tests.

Fortis Institute online nursing programs are affordable. In case you want to pay your tuition fees in installments, you can freely contact the administration.

4. The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupation

In summary, this online LPN training consists of 600 hours of theory lessons and at least 700 hours of clinical training. This training runs for 51 weeks, which is similar to one whole year. Classes run from Monday to Thursday and Friday is a lab day.

The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupation requires all LPN course applicants to have clean criminal records and no history of illegal substance abuse. In addition, you need to attain the minimum score in your TEAS test.

5. Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College offers certificates, diplomas, and degrees in Nursing. The online LPN trainers also include English, some humanities, and Math courses. After completing this training, you’ll not only be a competent LPN, but the extra courses improve your analytical and communication skills.

Santa Fe’s online LPN training runs for 11 months. Read more about 6 months LPN program