Best Pets For Busy Nurses

As a busy or travel nurse, having a pet can be what you need for companionship and support. Pets for busy nurses can make your career a fun experience. However, owning a pet comes with various challenges, especially if you’ll be tagging them along your travels. Remember, some states have stricter rules about bringing in animals. Understand those rules to be on the safe side.

Best Pets For Busy Nurses

Whether you’re a nurse or work long shifts, here are some of the best pets you can own.

·       Rabbits

Rabbits are not only quiet but are also easy to manage. All you need is to give them sufficient water, food, and a clean cage. Consider leaving them a toy to keep them busy as you work. If you choose to keep a rabbit as a pet, choose a pair to ensure they keep each other company and eliminate loneliness.

·       Birds

All that birds require to remain still as you complete your shift is enough food and clean water. Erect swings and find them toys to keep them occupied. Some bird species such as budgies, doves, canaries, and finches often entertain themselves, making them some of the best pets for busy nurses.

·       Pet rock

Pet rocks have a high level of psychosocial requirements and require lots of attention and care. However, when you overcome the challenges of learning about your pet, you get exceptional rewards. Once pet rocks adapt to their owners, they develop strong bonds and maintain loyalty for as long as they live. These creatures can live for more than 170 years. If you’re extremely sensitive and accustomed to your pet’s needs, you may be the right person for the rock.

·       Cats

While some people consider cats snobby animals, they’re affectionate just like dogs are. Further, cats are among the best companions you can ever have. Women, especially, have a particular liking for cats.

These small animals do not need lots of exercises, as is the case with dogs and rabbits. However, they still need interaction and company. If you work very long shifts, consider sending someone over to play or check them out. Consider getting a pair to ensure so they can keep one another company.

·       Guinea pigs

Choose guinea pigs if you work long hours but have young kids in the house. One animal expert says: “A guinea pig is a pleasing handful and plenty entertaining. He will squeal with delight at the sound of your refrigerator opening (thus the ‘pig’ in guinea pig), and when he’s happy, he’ll jump for joy, kicking his heels up in the air.” If you love your sleep, the guinea pigg would be a pleasant choice because, unlike many pet rodents, they aren’t nocturnal. These animals neither bite nor do need an exercise object that will screech throughout the night.

·       Fish

Caring for fish is easy. They’re restrained in their aquariums and require a small amount of food, sufficient clean water, and free swimming space. Clean your fish tank regularly to keep them healthy. Remember, fish aren’t as affectionate as other pets, but they’re easy to maintain.

·       Dogs

Dogs are some of the best pets for busy nurses. What with their loyalty and affectionate nature? Some studies suggest that stroking your pet dog can cut down cortisol and promote your mood and general health.

Regardless of your mood or how tired you are once you get home from work, your dog will be excited to see you, a reaction that will boost your mood and leave you reenergized. Nurses can be overly busy, but they can still own low-maintenance dogs regarding grooming.

Conduct research to help you understand the dog breeds that don’t covet continuous human companionship. Some of the best breeds for busy nurses are pugs, chihuahuas, French bulldogs, and bulldogs. Regardless of the dog breed, you opt for, remember to research and understand their eating and living habits. For example, French bulldogs require high-quality dog food to maintain their health status.

·       Pet Mouse

Mice are intelligent and can be excellent companions for nurses. A pet mouse bonds with humans quickly and grows a gentle temperament. These animals can also be amusing, playful, and entertaining. All they need to remain comfortable the entire day is sufficient water and food. Nurses opt for female pet mice because urine from male mice has a foul odor.


If you leave your pet for long hours, get a pair to ensure they don’t get lonely while you’re away. The best place to get a pet is from animal shelters and rescues.

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