Can Nurses Be Youtubers?

Employers in the healthcare profession cannot forbid nurses from creating YouTube channels as long as the content posted doesn’t violate ethics and legal obligations. YouTube helps hundreds, if not thousands, of students access study guides and tutorials for passing exams set by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCLEX). YouTube channels have also proved to be a reliable stream for generating passive income.

How Much Do Nurses Make On YouTube?

YouTube generally pays content promoters who get their audiences to watch numerous advertisements. Fortunately, it’s not an affiliate system where content creators get paid only after viewers watch the advertisements and purchase products or services. Channel owners receive a 68% share of each ad in their videos.

This figure is high, but advertisements on YouTube are quite affordable compared to the cost of television commercials. It’s shocking that $0.30 is the highest rate a content creator can earn from an advertisement running on their channel. That’s why they always tell you to like and share their videos to boost advertising revenue.

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In addition to pay-per-click advertisements, nurses earn money through YouTube in the following ways…

1. Selling NCLEX Courses

Nurses can share their experience with NCLEX exams and even earn extra income by promoting content that helps students in similar situations. Courses on NCLEX-RN and LPN enjoy high demand throughout the year, creating opportunities to market short courses that help nursing students prepare for theoretical questions and practicals.

2. Selling Textbooks That They No Longer Use

A nursing student spends approximately $3,000 on textbooks, escalating the cost with career advancement. In addition, students also have to spend extra money on library membership fees to access specific content, such as recently published medical journals that are relevant to their area of study.

It makes sense to go on YouTube and sell textbooks that you might no longer use. The viewers can also purchase them at discounted rates, which helps them save on tuition fees.

3. Selling Medical Equipment That They No Longer Use

It’s common for nurses to upgrade their equipment after landing their first job, thanks to increased purchasing power. A newly graduated nurse might suddenly feel interested in purchasing a $500 stethoscope and ditch the cheaper one that has served them diligently since clinical practice. Fortunately for them, it’s not illegal for a newly graduated LPN or RN to sell their old medical equipment to students subscribed to their YouTube channel.

Can Nurses Endorse Products On YouTube?

Here’s what you should know about doing paid promotions on your YouTube channel…

1. Nurses Cannot Endorse Cannabis Products

Despite the presence of solid evidence pointing to the medical aspects of cannabis, nurses are forbidden by most state boards to endorse cannabis publicly. One of the main reasons is that the federal government hasn’t delisted marijuana as a Schedule 1 narcotic.

Nurses can only talk about the benefits of medical marijuana in general without mentioning specific brands.

2. It’s Okay To Endorse Equipment Used By Medical Professionals

Nurses don’t face any repercussions when posting paid promotions for equipment used by healthcare professionals. Some nurses wear scrubs to social events and attraction sites because they’ve signed deals with relevant manufacturers interested in launching new fashion designs.

3. Nurses Cannot Endorse Over The Counter Medication

It might seem harmless to endorse over-the-counter medication because there aren’t any strict prescription guidelines. Some pharmaceutical companies use this reason to lure influencers in the healthcare industry to post videos for paid promotions on their YouTube channel. However, nurses who do this violate the ethical policies governing the relationship between medical workers and drug manufacturers. Such violations could lead to loss of employment and license revocation.

It’s Okay For Nurses To Own YouTube Channels

Nurses on YouTube help students pass their NCLEX exams and provide valuable tips that ordinary people can apply in their daily lives to experience improvements in health. Plus, it’s a great way to generate extra income passively since getting a second job is complicated when working 12-hour shifts.

Perhaps it is best to own YouTube channels on other hobbies that you are good at and not necessary something about the medical field. Owning a Youtube channel can be very lucrative over time. A lot of Youtubers do make a lot of money owning channels.