LPN to RN – What You Should Know


LPN to RN – What You Should Know

LPN to RN programs offer a challenging program. LPN to RN programs are for those that wish to become Registered Nurses but don’t want to commit four years to a full BSN degree. There are many benefits of an LPN to RN degree including working under a strict schedule and gaining real world nursing experience that will prepare them for their future careers. If this sounds like the type of education you are looking for, it is time to look at nursing schools in Atlanta. Atlanta offers a variety of LPN to RN programs to fit everyone’s needs. LPN to RN programs have been around for a long time.

LPN to RN – What You Should Know

They have gained popularity in the past few years as the shortage of nurses in the United States has increased. The demand for nurses is growing at double and triple the rate of supply. This can mean that within the next couple of years there will be a massive shortage of nurses in the United States. Many believe that the lack of nurses in the United States will result in higher healthcare costs, which will subsequently lead to an increase in insurance premiums.

This is why you need to consider going to an LPN to RN program to help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with healthcare. When you enroll into an LPN to RN program you will have the opportunity to complete your certification in less than one year. Many schools offer accelerated programs that will allow you to complete your training faster so you can get into work on time. If you are employed and have access to a college loan program, you may be able to pay for your LPN to RN program in part by using the loan repayment terms that you are given. If you are unemployed or have no access to a loan, consider applying for financial aid for nursing schools.

There are grants and loans available from various state and federal agencies that provide help for people who are unable to pay for traditional nursing programs. You can apply for a grant at your local state office or search online for available funding. Loan repayment terms are usually a little more flexible if you are using federal or state assistance. Also, look at any specialty nursing schools that may be available to you based on your field of study.

For example, some LPN to RN programs offer accelerated degrees. Even if you already have experience working in the nursing field, it never hurts to gain additional credentials. These days it is extremely important to have a nursing license so that you can work as a nurse and take care of patients in a hospital or other such setting. It is important that you find an LPN to RN program that has a curriculum that fits your particular career goals.

The programs generally provide instruction in basic nursing knowledge, practice nursing skills, and leadership qualities. With an LPN to RN degree, you have the opportunity to have a career in many different areas. A lot of LPNs want to go back to school to get their RN license, but many do not have the financial means to do so. With the financial savings and the variety of work experience that LPN to BSN programs can offer, it is little wonder that so many students enter the nursing career with such high hopes.