LPN Entrance Exam Practice Test

What’s new about LPN Entrance Exam Practice Test?

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four hours sharpening it,” Abraham Lincoln. In case you don’t know who that is, take out a five-dollar-bill and stare at the portrait in the middle.

Nursing is a complex course since medicine is largely a science field. A good nurse should be able to distinguish between various types of medication and when they should be administered. This knowledge prevents is necessary for preventing adverse allergic reactions to certain medications.

Rather than waiting until the d-day to go over your class notes in a rush, you can take proactive steps by downloading several LPN entrance exam practice tests. They’re quite affordable and readily provided by former LPN entrance exam candidates.

Let’s look at a few nursing online forums where you can meet students from various academic institutions and exchange LPN entrance exam practice tests.

1. RegisteredNurse RN

Despite its name, RN caters to all types of nursing students. Through this website, you’ll learn about the requirements and job description of an LPN. RegisteredNurseRN also posts new blog posts on a weekly basis covering various issues dealing with nurses.

Here, you’ll come across interactive forums where students discuss how to ace the LPN entrance exam. RN also has several student quizzes categorized into various topics. You won’t need to sign up in order to access the quizzes and video tutorials available on RN.

2. AllStudentNurses

Do you have a Yahoo account? Great! That’s all you need to access this vibrant student nurses’ forum.

AllStudentNurses is available under Yahoo groups. Students meet here to ask questions, share information on LPN training, and exchange entrance exam practice tests. The advantage of seeking LPN entrance exams from online nursing forums is that you can discuss difficult questions with many students.

AllStudentNurses allows members to upload practice questions in DOC or PDF format. This enables you to study for your exam anywhere by simply downloading the documents through your smartphone’s Yahoo app.

3. The Student Nurse Forum

Why is The Student Nurse Forum? It’s helped hundreds of LPN students pass their entrance exams since 2002. Just like RegisteredNurseRN, members don’t need to sign up in order to access notes or quizzes. Students can also download a free clinical nursing reference ebook to aid revision.

This online forum is mobile-friendly since it consists of a basic HTML layout with minimum images. You can complete the multiple-choice quizzes on your smartphone or tablet internet browser.

Good websites that offer free LPN entrance exam practice tests

1. Top Nursing

Top Nursing exists to provide all types of nursing students with adequate academic resources relevant to each syllabus. It consists of active and retired nurses who frequently analyze various nursing courses in order to provide useful quizzes and sets of self-practice questions.

2. Entry Level Medical

Entry Level Medical offers free practice LPN exam practice tests without requiring members to sign up. Once you click Start, you activate a sixty-minute timer. Taking timed tests also enhances your ability to think fast. Each set consists of 20 questions.

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