LPN Programs in Miami

What you need to know about LPN Programs in Miami

Florida is one of the few federal states that offer Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) handsome annual salaries and staff benefits. Miami has many private and public healthcare facilities, which are well equipped in terms of staff and equipment. In fact, Miami’s healthcare system is so advanced that it has two world-class medical research facilities. As a result, LPN programs in Miami attract both local and foreign students.

Valencia Medical Research Center does research on Gynecology, Immunology, Pediatrics, among others. Ocean Blue Medical Research Center does prolific medical research on allergies, cardiovascular disease, and mental disorders. Medical research centers rely on LPNs to draw blood samples from volunteers, monitor them during clinical trials, provide clean bedding, and compile reports.

Now that you know why Miami is such a great employer, the first step is enrolling in a good LPN program in Miami. Here are five LPN programs that are highly recommended by experienced nurses.

1. Lindsey Hopkins Technical College
How long does this LPN program take? 14 months and two weeks. You’ll spend at least 7 months working in different public hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and home care agencies. Students cover various topics such as acute care, body structure, nutrition, and medical law.

Lindsey Hopkins Technical College requires applicants to have a clean criminal record. You’ll also sit for a TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) and provide a high school transcript.

2. Florida National University
Florida National University is a renowned university thanks to its quality learning facilities. It also prepares hundreds of LPNs and RNs who serve in Miami’s healthcare industry. Moreover, Florida National University (FNU) offers financial assistance to LPN students.

You’ll need to buy your own uniform and shoes upon admission to FNU’s LPN program. Applicants also sit for mandatory TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) which costs $50.

3. Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College
If you’re looking for an LPN program in Miami that offers financial aid to part-time students, Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College have what you need. This program covers Maternal nursing, newborn nursing, medical-surgical nursing, and lots of clinical practice hours. Students take 14 months to graduate.

Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College’s LPN program costs $5,000 dollars. The advantage is that you’ll receive a pair of shoes, books, a penlight, a stethoscope, and a uniform.

4. Florida Career College
Florida Career College LPN program is open to both local and overseas students. In addition to basic LPN training, you’ll study extra course units to enable you to upgrade to an RN (Registered Nurse). In medical facilities, RNs assign tasks and supervise LPNs.
It’s easy to apply for this LPN program because Florida Career College assigns admissions staff to personally answer your questions. Your assigned admissions staff will guide you in filling out admission forms and financial aid requests.

5. City College
City College’s IPN program runs for 11 months. It’s also unique because it has a couple of course units on mental health nursing. You’ll also meet and network with renowned Miami-based nurses working in various clinics, general and psychiatric hospitals.